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Tips for Your Appointment



Bring Inspiration

Try to find inspiration images where the person in the picture has similar skin tone, facial features and hair colour, texture as your own. 


Bring a picture of yourself we well. Where you feel at your best with makeup and hair so I can have a better understanding of what your preferences, comfort and style is like.  





Eat quality, whole foods and choose foods that you know are not problematic for your mood and skin.

Stay hydrated.

Get quality sleep.






Arrive without any make up. As this will cut into the time because the prior makeup will need to be removed.


No SPF. The purpose of SPF is to reflect sunlight and this is what causes the white cast on people’s faces in flash photography at night.



The name of the game for great makeup is good skin. To achieve this you need to cleanse + exfoliate + hydrate the skin.


-       Do not forget your lips! Exfoliate them with your toothbrush gently and then apply lots of lip balm consistently leading up to the makeup application. I can not save flaky lips.


-       Make sure your face is thoroughly cleansed. A sponge (ie: cellulose/konjac) or tool (ie: Foreo) may help clean more deeply.


-       Gently exfoliate the evening before or the morning of if you know the product you are using is gentle enough.


-       Moisturize your skin. With serum, facial oils or your usual moisturizer. 


-       A moisturizing sheet mask the night before and/or the morning of is lovely as well.  

Avoid experimenting with any new products or treatments close to the wedding date as you do not know how your skin will react to them. Only experiment with new products or treatments many months in advance just in case your skin needs to heal from something irritating.



Lash Extensions - If you will have them on your wedding day please have them freshly filled at minimum the day before so they are at their best. 




Arrive with clean + dry hair.


You may wash it the night before or the morning of but make sure it is thoroughly dry by the time we begin.


You do not need to have dirty hair on your wedding day. Nowadays, we have products to simulate that texture.


Avoid conditioner and if you absolutely require it only conditioner the ends. Conditioner makes styles impossible to hold.


Curly Hair

-       If you have curly hair, please arrive with your hair blowdried straight if the look you are going for requires it. Otherwise there will not be enough time for your appointment as it would take twice as long

-       Do not flat iron your hair to straighten; this will make it impossible for your hair to hold any styling.

Thick Hair

-       If you know you have thick head of hair (indicators are that they takes you forever to style or curl it, it takes forever to air dry when you wash it or it appears equivalent to four people's worth of hair) please let us known in advance so we make sure we book extra time for your hair styling. We want you to be on time.

Hair Extensions

-        If you require clip in hair extensions for your hair style on your wedding day please provide them to me at least 1 week prior to your wedding day so I can prepare them in advance. I will not accomodate last minute clip in hair extensions provided on the day of without notice because they take on average 45 minutes to curl. This would cut into your appointment time and I would prefer to use this time to perfect you, so please drop them off well in advance! Please make sure they are 100% Human Hair.

-       Let us know if you plan to incorporate hair extensions for your appointment, depending on the look we may need to book extra time for your hair styling. 

Men's Grooming

Follow the the General and Makeup guidelines above. Much of the Makeup guidelines are essentially skincare guidelines. Healthy, hydrated skin and lips applies for everyone to look their best.

The most key aspect for men's hair, is booking a haircut with a trusted stylist, timed appropriately before the event. This is different for everyone. Experiment well in advance.

Bring inspiration pictures for how you want Hair to be styled. This applies for short and long hair. If you have a favourite product that you use, feel free to bring it and we can incorporate it. 


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